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Gantry Support

We have written extensive documentation that covers a full range of topics from installation to advanced concepts such as custom features. All our documentation has been converted to Markdown format and is now hosted on Github so please feel free to contribute any typos, fixes, new documentation, etc.

If you still find your question cannot be found in the provided documentation, you can try one of these options:

Google Groups

We have recently created three Google Groups that support threaded discussion as well as a mailing list for getting help and advice on various aspects of the Gantry Framework. Please join the group/groups that match your requirements:

RocketTheme Forums

The second way to dig deeper into Gantry is to use the forums on We have a Gantry-specific forum on the RocketTheme forums that is available to all active RocketTheme members. If you are already a RocketTheme member, you can can go directly to the forum. If you do not have a current membership, you should consider joining one of RocketTheme's great club offerings as you will get access to some great templates, themes, and styles for a variety of platforms. Your membership also helps to pay for further development of Gantry.