Gantry 4 for Joomla comes with 78 base module positions and the ability to add more can be done with the greatest of ease. Find out more...


There are two main parts to Gantry -- the framework and the template. Therefore, there are two main parts to the uninstallation process. If you intend to uninstall only the template portion, then follow the instructions for removing the template only. Keeping the Gantry library installed really does cause any harm or reduced performance as it is only used by a Gantry-enabled template. If you wish to uninstall the library, you can follow those steps.

Unsetting the Gantry Template as Default

To uninstall the gantry template, you will first have to ensure that it is not set as the default template. Go to Extensions → Template Manager, select the checkbox to any other site template that is not gantry, and click Default in the button toolbar.

Uninstall Gantry

Uninstall the Gantry component, library, plugin and template from Extensions → Extensions Manager → Manage. Insert gantry into the Filter and click Search. Select all Gantry elements you wish to uninstall, then click Uninstall in the button toolbar. Gantry will now be uninstalled.

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