Did you know you can create and save your own custom presets using the built-in Gantry Presets Saver? Find out more...

Key Features

Gantry is packed full of features created to empower the development of designs into fully functional layouts with the absolute minimum effort and fuss.

The new responsive Gantry 4 framework is available for Joomla 2.5 and 3.x

  • Stunning new administrator interface

    Gantry provides a fast and uniquely intuitive interface to control all aspects of the design

  • XML driven with overrides for unprecedented levels of customization

    Gantry is easy to configure, customize and extend.

  • Powerful built-in fields

    Extended fields such as toggles, color-chooser, image-chooser 1, sliders, google fonts, textplus with suffix and prefix labels 1 and many more!

  • Per menu-item level control over any configuration parameter

    Layouts, colors, features, etc. can all be different for any menu item.

  • Preset any combination of configuration parameters, and save custom presets

    Creating custom presets allows you to easily save any combination of configuration settings for later use.

  • Built-in extensible AJAX communication layer

    Our powerful AJAX system allows dynamic functionality in features as well as opening up AJAX to 3rd party extensions.

  • RTL language support

    Gantry makes it easier than ever to develop Right-to-Left (RTL) based designs for languages such as Arabic, Hebrew and Farsi 2.

  • More with LESS

    Built-in LESS CSS compilation powered by lessphp reduces overall requests while making CSS development more powerful and intuitive thanks to the advanced powers of LESS 1.

  • Flexible grid layout system for unparalleled control over block sizes

    Control the sizes of your blocks with our simple grid layout controls.

  • Optimized codebase with speed, size, and reuse core tenets of the framework design

    Gantry is more than just unparalleled flexibility and control, it also provides a powerful basis to build professional quality designs.

  • Growl-style event notifications

    AJAX-powered non-intrusive growl-style notifications for events such as save, cache clearing, etc.

  • Responsive HTML5 base template

    Fully functional base template that shows off many Gantry framework features and typography. A great place to start building your own design 1.

  • 65 base module positions

    To get you started, we've included plenty of modules, but adding more is a simple process.

  • 38 possible layout combinations for mainbody and sidebars

    The mainbody and sidebars now have an unprecedented level of control. Gantry provides support for all kinds of layout options.

  • 4 Column Mainbody

    With up to 3 total sidebars, Gantry allows you to achieve highly complex mainbody layout scenarios.

  • Many built-in features such as font-sizer, Google PrettyPrint 1, Google Analytics, to-top smooth slider, etc.

    Easily add your own unique functionality with Gantry's feature support!

  • Ability to force 'blank' module positions for even more advanced layout customization

    Create layouts with blank spaces or complex alignment requirements with this functionality.

  • Flexible parameter system with ability to set parameters via URL, Cookie, Session, Presets, etc.

    Any parameter can be configured via XML to be settable from a variety of mechanisms for complete customization.

  • Advanced typography

    Powerful typography from Bootstrap provides styling for tables, forms, buttons, and other standard interface elements 1.

  • Joomla base styling

    Great typographical features right out of the box.

  • Joomla ACL support

    Gantry can advantage of the great new ACL support in Joomla 2.5 1.

  • Automatic per-browser-level CSS and JS control

    Advanced control of CSS and JS for any specific browser version allows browser bugs and issues to be isolated and patched with a minimum of fuss.

  1. Only available in Gantry 4 for Joomla 2.5 

  2. Base support provided only 

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